Business Performance Forecasts

Outlook for Next Fiscal Year

While gradual recovery is expected to continue for the next fiscal year due to economic stimulus programs implemented by the government, there is still uncertainty regarding the future state of the economy with factors such as ongoing decline throughout the overall food-service market due to the rapidly aging population and lower birth rates.

Faced with such economic conditions, in Japan the Toridoll Group is seeking to open more restaurants in urban areas and further boost existing businesses, while also focusing on and expanding into new business domains.

Outside of Japan where we achieved positive segment profits, we will continue acquiring businesses and take an active approach to opening restaurants as part of efforts to further boost profits.

Financial Forecast for FY2019

(unit: Million yen)

  FY 2019 FY 2018
  Amount Ratio to Revenue Ratio to Prev. period Amount Ratio to Revenue
Revenue 156,790 100.0% 108.1% 145,022 100.0%
Adjusted EBITDA 28,400 18.1% 229.0% 12,402 8.6%
Operating Profit 5,464 3.5% 237.4% 2,302 1.6%
Profit before Tax 4,840 3.1% 362.0% 1,337 0.9%
Profit for the year 2,712 1.7% 1227.1% 221 0.2%
Profit for the year attributable to owners of the parent 2,589 1.7% 969.7% 267 0.2%

※ Adjusted EBITDA = EBITDA + Impairment loss + Extraordinary expenses
(EBITDA = Operating profit + Other operating expenses - Other operating income + Depreciation and amortization)